Art Gallery : 58 Bearskin NeckRockport, MA 01966

About The Artists


Kathleen Miller

Gallery owner and artist Kathleen Miller is a native of Cape Ann. Growing up in Gloucester and currently residing in Rockport MA, she has been influenced by the rich art history of the area. She works primarily in oils, sometimes experimenting with mixed media, silk painting, stained glass and more. Her work is greatly inspired by the natural beauty of Cape Ann, however she infuses her emotions and personality into each piece. Her work represents the changing beauty of the landscape, as well as the shifting perspectives of the artist herself. Kathleen’s style ranges from contemporary impressionism to expressionism, and sometimes pushes the limits to abstraction. 


Stefan Mierz

Stefan was born in Lowell MA and grew up in Rockport MA. He began painting in oils at age 15 and attended Johnson State College in Johnson VT from 1999 until 2004. During this time, he worked part time at the Vermont Studio Center. Experimental and stylistically diverse, Stefan's paintings are typically very colorful and can range from textural pointillism to geometric and abstract. His subject matter is usually inspired by nature and music but is not always figurative. Stefan resides in Rockport MA and manages the gallery with his partner, Kathleen Miller. Some of his works can also seen be at the John Raimondi Gallery.


Lawrence Martin-Bittman 1931-2018

Lawrence Martin-Bittman was a naturalized American who grew up in Czechoslovakia. After receiving a Doctor of International Law and Master’s degree in journalism, he held various positions inside the Czechoslovak diplomatic and intelligence services. After the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union in August 1968, he refused to accept the authority of the new regime in occupied Prague. He escaped to Germany and asked American representatives for political asylum. For this decision, the communist military court sentenced him to death in absentia. In the United States, he devoted most of his energy to academic work at Boston University. He is the author of numerous books and articles on international communication, disinformation, propaganda and covert action which have been published in the US, Germany, Switzerland, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, Canada and, after 1990, also in the Czech Republic.

Gradually he became interested in visual art and after September 1996 when he left Boston University as Professor Emeritus, he devoted all of his time to painting. Using watercolor as the major vehicle (and later acrylic, collage and mixed media), his pictures evolved from purely representational to realistic fantasy and semi-abstract visions. Among the major artisitic influences on Bittman’s work are a Czech artist Josef Lada and the Austrian painter Fritz Hundertwasser.  With their colorful vitality, Prague, Gloucester and Rockport are the major sources of his artistic interest and inspiration. Brigid Alverson of North Shore Town Online said: “When he turns to Rockport, his home for over 30 years, his paintings come alive with fish and fishermen, with light dancing on water, with boats bumping into one another in colorful profusion. It’s clear from his work that Bittman’s heart is in Cape Ann.”

For over 10 years, Martin-Bittman was a member of the prominent Local Colors Gallery in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  His friends suggested that he open his own gallery in Rockport under the name “Studio 007″.  He did, but downgraded it to “Studio 006.5″

From 2012-2018, Lawrence was a member of the Art Nook Gallery on Bearskin Neck in Rockport, MA. Prints of Larry's work are still available through the gallery.

For extensive information about the artist’s life story, consult Google under his original name Ladislav Bittman and his American name Lawrence Martin.